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I am the owner and photographer at Bongo Bill's Photography.

I create images for a variety of markets and I sell rights to use my  photography and travel images to publishers and designers.  I love to capture and create...and I love to travel far and wide to see as much of God's creation as possible.

I think life should be celebrated, and the best moments should be captured and frozen in time. The best of times and the beautiful world around us can be taken for granted so easily and time goes by so fast...I love creating and collecting these images.

I photograph people for various individual and personal projects. If you are interested in creating a self image portfolio, a photo gift for a special friend, or just need photos for your personal use, please  contact me at contact@bongobills.com with a brief outline of what type of photos you'd like.

BongoBill Productions, LLC. also does Print Ads, Flyers, Pamphlets and Advertising for many different types of industries.

Many thanks to all the buyers, designers and publishers who I have worked with and all who have considered my work for various projects, and my heartfelt thanks also to those customers who have my work  in their homes and offices.


All my images are for sale as prints through my site and  if you would like to discuss usage rights and fees for a project, please contact me at contact@bongobills.com.


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